Private Markets
Private Markets are Rapidly Transforming
 Dec 15, 2021
Private markets are rapidly transforming and have surpassed public markets by some measures to become the more popular way for companies to raise money in US.

According to the Wall Street Journal, $2.7 trillion was raised privately in the U.S. last year (compared to $2.4 trillion in public markets), many via Regulation D Offerings and deals in the form of private placements.

Beyond institutional direct lending we are also seeing the rise of disruptive platform-based lending marketplaces and finance-disintermediation technologies like Capital Engine® for individuals, small businesses and institutions alike. 

These range from crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces and non-bank payments systems to the utilization of blockchain technology to enable partial, “tokenized” ownership of illiquid assets by a broader group of small investors. 

Marketplaces are disintermediation plays on the value chain of existing industries, essentially take out the middleman and replacing with a more efficient link in the chain. 

Capital Engine® facilitates the creation of efficient, trusted and scalable private capital and alternative investment marketplaces for traditional and digital assets.

Our clients and strategic partners include broker dealers, family offices, wealth managers, incubators, social impact, real estate funds and Reg CF portals.

Our business model is to own, operate and partner with industry/domain experts in setting up private capital and alternative marketplaces using our Capital Engine® technology.

See short video showing some of Capital Engine® software functionality we built for Reg CF